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As one of the prominent ecotourism spots of Dong Thap is Tram Chim National Park – Ramsar area of ​​international importance, ranked 2,000 in the world and 4th in Vietnam, Tram Chim National Park attracts Many tourists come here because of the beautiful natural landscape and the rare red-crowned crane and many other plants and animals in the Red Book.

As one of the prominent ecotourism spots of Dong Thap is Tram Chim National Park – Ramsar area of ​​international importance, ranked 2,000 in the world and 4th in Vietnam, Tram Chim National Park attracts Many tourists come here because of the beautiful natural landscape and the rare red-crowned crane and many other plants and animals in the Red Book.

Sarus Crane (st)

Learn about the ecosystem of Tram Chim National Park

Located in the vast wetlands, the area of ​​Tram Chim National Park reached more than 7,313ha. The land “six months of dry grass burning, this six-month white water flooding” is the place to develop diverse vegetation with over 130 different species.

With typical types of communities distributed alternately:

  • Lotus community.
  • Heaven
  • Power, Grass pipe, Mouth mold.
  • Melaleuca forest, Swamp.

Tram Chim National Park (photo st)

The fauna here stands out with the rich water bird system of 233 species, belonging to 25 genera, 49 families. Of these, 88% are found in the dry season, accounting for a quarter of the total number of birds discovered in Vietnam.

Some rare species such as:

  • White winged lung.
  • Cup, O operative, Earth.
  • Choi black back.
  • Snake neck, Giang sen.
  • Bo Nong gray feet.
  • Old wolf …

And especially the Sarus Crane, the largest of the crane family – is an invaluable natural asset of Tram Chim National Park in Dong Thap.

Sarus Crane at Tram Chim National Park (photo st)

(photo st)

Fish fauna in Tram Chim National Park is equally rich, both playing an ecological balance and a food source for birds. Among them, there are some fish species in Vietnam Red Book such as: fish, tiger fish, male seahorse, flying fish, tilapia, Ho fish …

Thanks to exploiting natural advantages in a sustainable way in the conservation work, Tram Chim National Park has been increasingly attracting near and far tourists, because of its own beauty and many interesting activities.

Experience exploring the national park

Right time

If you go into the floating season (August – November AL), you can enjoy a lot of specialty dishes of Tram Chim such as stock sauce gun, fish spirit hotpot, lu hamster, etc. However, if you want Watching the birds, you should go in the spring (February – March AL)

(photo st)


You can choose to travel by bus from Saigon to Dong Thap with Hoang Minh or Tam Quoc Minh carmakers with a fare of 100k – 160k.

If you choose to travel by private means, you can follow the following 2 routes:

  • Arriving in Tam Nong district, you run through Tram Chim bridge, and continue to reach 800m to meet the center of Tram Chim National Park on the left.
  • Follow N2 road, about 140km. Starting from the city of Ho Chi Minh City => going to Phu Lam roundabout to go to Ba Hom road => straight to provincial road 10 => to Duc Hoa. After going to Duc Hoa T-junction, you turn left to the provincial road 9. Going for another 3km, turn right along the dirt road (car can go) to N2 road. Follow N2 road to Thanh Hoa => to QL.62. Follow QL.62 to Tan Thanh, enter provincial road 829, 844 to Tram Chim.
  • See map details here.

What to play at Tram Chim National Park

1- Take a breathtaking view of the garden

You will have the opportunity to sit on the canoe (clogged) weaving along the green canals, watching enough birds hovering for prey, calling for the hordes of hoopla all over. Listening to the sound of engines approaching, swarms of gongs, ducks, white storks of a hundred, flew up and spread long wings like welcoming visitors.

sightseeing boat (photo st)

The boat follows the turn of the water, bringing you to admire the beauty of the fields of pink lotus, white lotus, rice sky, energy … reaching yourself in the sun. A few roosts, crimson crests, dark green feathers, and stubborn tails, escaped hidden, escaping in the grassy fields like playing hide and seek with tourists.

discover lotus (photo st)

When you come to the station, the boat will stop completely for you to climb to the high floor, delight in watching the panoramic view of a rich green of Tram Chim National Park, letting your soul follow the gentle breeze, feeling the closeness with nature and find strange peace.

wings of white stork (st image)

(photo st)

2- Experience the floating water season

Floating water season from August to November of the lunar calendar (September to December) is the tourist season of Tram Chim National Park. The scenery is flooded, green, pink spots of lotus flowers, water flowers bloom. The supplies become abundant and birds like to gather here for a party.

(photo st)

This season is also an opportunity for you to take part in interesting activities such as: Dinghy dive experience in the flooded area, you will be able to perform the livelihood activities of the flooded inhabitants such as putting nets, placing roofing, sheltering, or experimenting with fishing with Tram Chim Tam Nong … especially, there is a hobby of hunting hamsters, a specialty of this country.

(photo st)

Participating in the harvesting of heavenly rice, also known as ghost rice, is a very special rice species because in the flood season, other grass-plant species will be submerged by water, only heaven rice is proliferating and growing. Where to go, rice reaches there. This will be a memory of the ancient life of Dong Thap Muoi residents.

Visit the area of ​​concentrated birds breeding with thousands of birds, close-up watching the pretty young birds of some species: gongs, snake neck, and some other birds …

(photo st)

3- Look at the cranes of the redhead in the dry season

In the dry season from December to May of the lunar calendar (January to June of the lunar calendar) is the season for watching the dance of the red-headed crane in Tram Chim National Park. Because unlike many other birds in the region, the Sarus Crane only feeds on the ground so in the flood season in the Plain of Reeds, they have to go elsewhere to feed. Therefore, only the red-headed cranes can be seen in the dry season, easily visible especially from February to May every year.

(photo st)

Specialties in the national park

After the journey to discover Tram Chim National Park, you will have the opportunity to sit on a cool leafy house in the middle of the forest, enjoy delicious rustic dishes with country flavor such as grilled snakehead fish, gun stock fish, snail steamed pepper, crab copper hot pot, eel um discharge, crispy fried fish rolls, dried snakehead fish, fried fish, grilled barramundi …

Grilled snakehead fish (st image)

(photo st)

Hotels, motels

Tram Chim Homestay (photo st)

Are you worried about where you will be when you visit the national park? Don’t worry, you can rent Tram Chim Homestay at Tram Chim National Park for only 150 – 300k / room. Just clean, comfortable, not losing any hotel, luxury motel. In peak tourist seasons, you should book a room before you go to make sure you have a place to rest first.

  • You can refer toroom rates as well as booking here.
  • Address: 4 Tràm Chim, Tam Nông District, Đồng Tháp Province

Note when traveling to Tram Chim National Park

  • You need to bring mosquito repellent.
  • If you want to capture near birds, you are busy with the color of the shirt with nature, for example, green.
  • In addition, it is recommended to prepare a pair of sandals to move on the road when stopping the station, because it is slightly swollen, sandal slippers will be easy to scrub.
  • To swim, prepare clothes to change.
  • You can bring your fishing rod to fish.
  • Buy some fruit and cakes if you want to eat. Garbage brought along to collect and remove the right place where regulations.

Price list of services at Tram Chim

  • Learning to be a fisherman: 150k / 1 person
  • Boat tickets for entering and leaving Homestay Tram Chim: 200k / person
  • Take a boat to visit the breeding ground (1 year only 1 time): 270k / person
  • Overnight in cajuput: 150,000 / person
  • Dinner: VND 100,000 / person
  • Breakfast: VND 40,000 / person
  • Kayak, water bike: VND 50,000 / person
  • Other expenses may arise: VND 100,000 / person
  • Instruction fee: VND 100,000 / person

Other information.

  • Address: DT 843, Tam Nong, Dong Thap
  • Phone number: 0277 3827 307
  • Opening hours: 6 AM- 8PM
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