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For a gentle introduction to cycling holidays, our Easy trips combine seeing the best of a destination with light bicycling activity. Short days of less than 30 total kilometers and on flat terrain mean riders can focus on taking in the sights and sounds of the environment without having to physically struggle. Daily rides include frequent stops to take photos or explore, and plenty of time off the bike. Easy trips are ideal for those new to cycling or for families with younger children.


Leisure trips are for cyclists who prefer to take in the surroundings at a comfortable pace. Average daily distances of 45 kilometers make for longer days than our Easy trips, but terrain is still flat and on roads in good condition. With no climbs or technical sections, Leisure trips are for the recreational cyclist or traveler with reasonable fitness, or for families with older children.

Ride or exercise twice a week so that you’ll be comfortable riding for a few hours in one day.


Moderate trips are for the recreational cyclist looking for a bit more of a challenge. Riders can expect distances of over 75 kilometers on flat terrain, or maximum daily climbing of up to 500 meters over a shorter distance. Moderate trips have more variety in day to day riding, and can include a longer or more challenging climbing day or two. Road conditions may be rough or hard-packed dirt, but with no off-road or technical sections. Cycling experience and good fitness are strongly recommended.

To prepare yourself, aim to ride twice a week, with a long ride on the weekend so that you’ll be comfortable riding for several hours at a time. Add variety to your cycling experience, like new routes and in new areas, to build confidence.


Cyclists looking for more of a physical experience will find it on our Active trips. Longer distances of over 75 kilometers on undulating terrain, or up to 1,000 meters climbing over shorter distances provide more of a challenge for fit cyclists. Active trips require cycling experience, but not technical expertise, as most road conditions are tarmac. Riders should be comfortable making sustained climbs, being in the saddle for longer, consecutive cycling days and for tackling one or two especially difficult riding days.

Get out and ride three times a week, with a longer ride, up to 70km, on the weekends. Aim to feel comfortable spending several hours at a time in the saddle, and with cycling on back-to-back days. Try to ride in hillier areas to get used to climbing.



Off-the-beaten-track destinations don’t come easy, and our Hard trips explore mountainous, remote, and high altitude destinations by bike. Confident cyclists looking for a consistently challenging trip will find it, with many daily distances of over 75 kilometers and frequently steep, hilly terrain. Road surfaces are often rough with potential to go off-road entirely. Cycling experience, including off-road, and regular training are highly recommended for our Hard trips.

You should be comfortable with long rides and long climbs. Aim to ride three times a week, with a longer, more challenging ride on the weekends. Climbing preparation is key- go for rides in hillier areas or take a spin class if you live in a mostly flat area. Get some experience riding off-road or on trails - have fun with it!


Extreme trips push the boundaries of what’s possible on a guided cycling tour and are for cyclists with a high level of skill, fitness, and a taste for adventure. Locales are exotic and remote, with basic support and comforts. Terrain is challenging and often steep with high possibility for rough surfaces and off-road sections. Riders should have experience with physically and technically challenging trips, and be prepared for consecutive, long cycling days of more than 75 kilometers and 1,000 meters of climbing. Extreme trips are our most challenging for the experienced and physically fit cyclist looking for a truly unforgettable adventure.

You should be comfortable with spending most of the day in the saddle, riding long days back-to-back, and tackling big climbs. Aim to ride three times a week, and ride on both weekend days. We recommend cross-training to keep up your fitness.